Emma Bruschi graduated from the Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD) with a Master’s degree in Fashion and Accessories Design in 2019. A fashion designer, she is the winner of the 19M Prix des Métiers d’art de Chanel at the 35th International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Accessories – Hyères 2020 with her Almanach collection. Raw materials, craftsmanship, know-how, transmission and experimentation are at the heart of Emma’s work, for which she uses the territory as a raw material by drawing inspiration from places that are dear to her. A certain nostalgia, calm and slowness emerges from her collections. She is inspired to create her clothing pieces by the rural and agricultural environment, the working class wardrobe, the fauna and flora and all the know-how that comes with it. Since 2021 she has been growing rye on her family’s farm with the help of her uncle Éric Vergain. This rye comes from a joyful day of harvesting with a scythe and is used for the production of her clothing, accessories and harvest bouquets. Her goal is to cultivate the land and work with her own materials: to combine the work of a farmer and a designer.

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