2019 Collection

The Almanach collection draws its inspiration from the popular imagery of the Savoyard almanach. In every village, people knew how to work with wood, iron and wicker, in every house they knew how to embroider, spin, knit, card and work with straw. A domestic know-how transmitted from generation to generation, with love for beautiful work. The Almanach collection allowed me to reconnect with those who still know these gestures, to shape together wicker accessories, straw jewelry, glass beads, hand-spun wool... My collection is called Almanach because I wanted to integrate the human dimension of these men and women: to give them a face, to restore their culture, their imagery, their calendar of festivals and work.


Jessy Razafimandimby, Juan Pablo Figuero Otiz, David Sentkar, Ulysse Lozano, Nita Sejdaj, Hugo Hectus, Mandine Knoepfel, Inès Baccino, Admir Hasanovic


Cynthia Mai, Diane Deschenaux, Arthur Lehmann