Une lueur appelle
une autre lueur

In the exhibition “Une lueur appelle une autre lueur”, the artist Emma Bruschi presents three large curtains embroidered using the “knotted net” technique. Her manual affection for this age-old gesture, which consists of knotting linen threads to obtain a net and then embroidering it, has been inscribed in time. It took 800 hours of work to make these curtains. A commission by photographer Anaïs Barelli was made to highlight the process of making the curtains and the tools and gestures of this ancient domestic know-how. The scenes depicted were drawn by the artist Jessy Razafimandimby, together they stage characters with a light-hearted look rocked by a fervent nature.
An exhibition visible at the former Bishopric of Toulon, as part of the festival Pitchouns 2022 of the Villa Noailles, visible from 9.12.2022 to 12.02.2023


Table of the 13 desserts realized with the support of Ravel Pottery


Luc Bertrand, Anaïs Barelli


Jessy Razafimandimby, Léonie Perret, Hannah Gonzalez Morales, Brenda Vargas, Fanny Bichet, Diana Bobina, Céline Lessens, Clara Jorouge, Clara Siame, Marine Bouvard, Carla Savaris, Julien Fournival