The Harvest

Workshop 2023

Workshop from 20 to 28 of July host by the Design Campus of the Kunstgewerbemuseum Dresden (Schloss Pillnitz, Germany). During a serie of workshops named «School of Phyto-centred Design» curated by studio Dots.
Research workshop around clothing, accessories and textiles using raw plants collected in the vicinity of the workshop. Wild or cultivated materials, we particularly experimented with straw, which I have worked with a lot over the years. Braiding, twining, spinning, crocheting, weaving… We gleaned and learned to transform our harvest to make clothes and accessories. Together, we imagined a folk costume linked to the territory where the Workshop took place and then highlighted it. Base on research and documentation we try redefined the role of folklore today, imagine its forms and celebrate both its nature and its culture.


Davide Balda, Deborah Tina Egger, Zahra Jajarmi, Sujia, Ano Jishkariani, Jaqueline Lododda, Phuong Chi Tran Nguyen, Dana Zoutman


Sahra Jajarmi khayat
Olly Cruise


Dana Zoutman