Large pastorales earrings

670.00 €
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Rye, feathers, brass
20g per pair


Pair of large size earrings. The straw part is made from rye grown on the family farm in Savoy, then hand-worked and braided on old spinning wheels in our workshop in Haute-Savoie. The feather parts are made of goose and ostrich feathers by the Lemarié house in Paris, one of the last exceptional feather makers in the world, registered with Chanel since 1996. The clasps, with a choice of clip or stud, are made of brass by Jade, a Paris-based designer of luxury jewelry and accessories.

Delay and Preorders

Manufactured to order, delivery of the parts between one and two month after payment. If a particular date of delivery is wished, please specify it in the “additional information” tab at the time of order.